S Wing Flush 115cm & 120cm


Aero Flush Bar Silver 110 and 115 cm Pair

$340.00 RRP*
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* Price quoted is the recommended retail price (RRP) and does not include freight or installation. Refer to specifications, installation and safety advice before use.


Aero Flush Bar Silver 110 and 115 cm Pair


S29 S Wing Flush 115cm & 120cm

Package dimensionsL 151.00 cm x W 17.00 cm x H 15.00 cm
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Safety & Warranty

All Prorack products come with a 3 year limited warranty
For more information, refer to our warranty page. Safety is paramount in all Prorack products, and our engineers go the extra mile to ensure the bars can withstand the harshest treatment. The final step is up to you – so be sure to read all instructions provided with your product and use it safely.


How much weight can I actually carry on top of my vehicle?

Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don't worry, it might seem confusing at first, but this helpful guide to calculating load ratings should help.

What are the dimensions of Prorack roof bars?

All our bars have varying heights and widths. Click here to see reference illustrations.

Prorack has changed! Tell me more?

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Can I fit a rooftop tent to my Prorack roof racks?

Maybe, but not all roof rack fitting types are suitable for rooftop tents. Click here to learn more.

Why are my Aero (S-Wing) bars are making an audible sound?

If your Aero (S-Wing) bars are making an audible sound, it could be for a few reasons. Do you have wear strip installed on the bars? If the wear strip is left on the bar when not in use with an accessory, this can cause noise. Please remove it when not in use. Check to make sure that you have the bars installed correctly, with the thickest part facing to the front of the vehicle. If the bars are installed correctly, please place some tape over the adjusting slots on the underside of each bar and go for a drive. If this solves the problem, your bars may be missing the acoustic packers. Please contact our support team for further assistance.