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Frequently Asked Questions

I need replacement keys. How can I get some?
Replacement keys can be ordered in through any of our retailers using part number KY followed by the 3 digit barrel number. For example bars with barrel 039 will require keys KY039.

Can I buy direct from you?
We are a wholesaler and do not sell direct to the public. If for any reason you cannot get to one of our retailers, we do have some internet dealers who would be more than willing to assist. For details please contact customer service: 1800 143 548 in Australia and 0800& 477 672 in New Zealand.

Do you offer a fitment service?
We have a range of authorised dealers who offer fitment services. Please see our store locater to find a retailer in your area.

I live in Brisbane can I come and pick the parts up from you?
The office in Brisbane does not keep any products. All our items are shipped from Sydney and Auckland (NZ).

Can I get a single bar?
We offer a range of single bar options. The only bars that we do not offer single bar options for are the X series bars.

Do you offer 3 bar systems?
We do offer 3 bar options for selected vehicles. Check out our vehicle finder for availability.

Do you offer half kits?
We do offer a small range of half kits for selected vehicles. Please contact Customer Service on 1800 143 548. Note half kits are not available in NZ.

Stores say that I can’t buy from them. Where else can I get my parts?
Some of our stockists are not aware of the complete range that can be sourced through us. If for any reason they cannot help please have the store contact us on your behalf and we will assist them in getting the correct part/s you require.

Why are prices higher in stores than your recommended retail price?
Generally the prices that retailers charge is around the RRP however some retailers may charge more based of other factors such as freight.

I need replacement parts! Where can I buy them?
We offer a range of replacement parts for our bars and accessories. Please have a look at our spare parts catalogue to see if it is available.

Why is my vehicle not listed on your website?
The number of make and model of vehicles is expansive and we endeavour to cover most popular makes and models, however if your vehicle is not listed on our vehicle finder please contact our Customer Service for updates.

I want to claim on my warranty what do I do?
The Customer Incident Form is for registering warranty claims for Prorack product failures after installation or during use. Please note that you are required to submit your proof of purchase as well as photos to assist us in resolving your claim. If you require assistance with installing or using your product please refer to your fitting instructions or contact your dealer.

Click here to complete the Customer Incident Form

How long will it take to get the parts if I order them today?
Allow up to 7 business days for delivery depending on what State you live in.

How can I find my batch number?
We pride ourselves in constantly improving the experience of our products. If we require your batch number there are a few locations that it could be. You will need to find a white sticker that is located on the item generally on the underside of the bar and on roof boxes near the barcode or the base of the box. Generally the batch number will appear in the format of NUMBERLETTERNUMBER (e.g. 2A3) or all numbers (e.g. 2358).

My S-Wing bars are making an audible sound?
If your S-Wing bars are making an audible sound it could be for a few reasons. Do you have wear strip installed on the bars? If left on the bar when not in use with an accessory this can cause noise. Please remove when not in use. Check to make sure that you have the bars installed correctly with the thickest part facing to the front of the vehicle. If the bars are installed correctly please place some tape over the adjusting slots on the underside of each bar and go for a drive. If this solves the problem your bars may be missing the acoustic packers, please contact Customer Service for further assistance: 1800 143 548 in Australia and 0800 477 672 in New Zealand.

Is Yakima US your head office?
Yakima USA is an independent company and is not our head office. Our head office is located in Brisbane, QLD. All inquiries should be made directly to Australia and/or New Zealand.

What are the dimension of your bars?
All our bars have varying heights and widths. Please see the illustrations below for reference.

Can I fit a roof top tent to my bars?
Not all roof rack fitting types are suitable. In general terms, roof top tents can be fitted to bars that use fixed point, vehicle specific track, or gutter mount legs. We do NOT recommend using clamp-style fitments or non-specific vehicle tracks.

These conditions MUST be understood and observed when a roof top tent is fitted and used:

  • The load rating of the vehicle’s roof is never exceeded when driving on the open road by the total weight of all items fitted to the roof – including roof top tent and bars.
  • The load should always be spread evenly over the bars, with no concentration of weight at either end.

How much weight can I actually carry on top of my vehicle?
Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don't worry, so are most of us, but this helpful guide to calculating load ratings should help.