Kayak Racks

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Kayak Carrier

RRP $199.00 AUD PR3108

An economical, easy to install kayak carrier that's simple to load and unload and comes with all tie downs included.

J-Cradle Kayak Carrier

RRP $229.00 AUD PR3105

The J-cradle design makes loading and unloading your kayak really easy. Upright carrying position frees up space on your roof rack.

Carry Surf Gear, Canoes and Kayaks Safely

It's important to secure your surf gear, kayak or canoe properly. Check out these simple tips on Surf Gear, Canoe & Kayaking Safety. before you take your gear out on the road.

Kayak Carrier with Pivot Cradles – Multifit

RRP $269.00 AUD PR3032NK

The pivoting cradles with flexible pads hug the hull of your kayak or canoe for a secure ride. Includes adaptors to fit any roof rack.

Prorack Aero Crossbar Pads (76 cm)

RRP $89.00 AUD PR3401

New anti-slip material keeps boards in place. Designed with sections of Velcro wrap that add versatility to fit around crossbar legs and fairings.

Upright Kayak Carrier

RRP $209.00 AUD PR3041

A simple, space-saving design - boats load edgeways to save space on your roof rack. Securely carries up to 2 boats.

Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to its usability and the time you spent loading it. Adding these easy-to-use accessories turns your roof rack system into dedicated canoe and kayak roof racks.

With these canoe and kayak roof rack accessories transporting your boat to where you're going is so simple; just load the boat onto the roof and strap it down to the holder, as well as bow and stern with tie downs and you're in business.

Fitting these accessories is a breeze too, particularly for the PR3032N and PR3032NK. These little beauties simply slide to where you need them and tighten onto the bar with the single large knob on the side. This means you can get them exactly in the right place, even when your boat is up on top. No more mucking around with painful adjustment mechanisms while taking your boat on and off the roof racks until you get them right. No sir. We have designed these units beside experienced kayakers and the result shows. Will you love to use them? You bet.

Kayak Racks FAQs

How much weight can I actually carry on top of my vehicle?

Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don't worry, it might seem confusing at first, but this helpful guide to calculating load ratings should help.

Prorack has changed! Tell me more?

The company that's always brought you simple, reliable, great value rack solutions now has a fresh, modern look. You're going to love it! Click here to learn more.

Can I come and pick parts up from your Brisbane office?

The office in Brisbane does not keep any products. All items are shipped from Sydney and Auckland.