Camping Accessories

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Alloy Tray Accessory Mounts

RRP $89.00 AUD PR3213

A pack of 2 accessory mounts with assorted brackets and hundreds of possible uses. Quick and easy to install.

Awning Brackets

RRP $59.00 AUD PR3111

Easily mount your awning to the side of your roof rack or platform.

Small Alloy Tray

RRP $669.00 AUD PR3210

Carry your day trip or touring kit easily in this small alloy tray. Three sizes to suit most vehicles and simple installation.

Shovel Holder

RRP $69.00 AUD PR3204

Keep your shovel up on the roof in easy reach and the inside of your vehicle clean with this rugged shovel holder.

Eye Bolts

RRP $36.00 AUD PR3077

Lets you securely restrain just about anything. Ready to fit Prorack Heavy Duty or Aero (S-Wing) roof bars.

Ratchet Grab

RRP $65.00 AUD PR3075

This rachet tie down lets you safely secure your load easily. Ready to fit Prorack Heavy Duty or Aero (S-Wing) roof bars.

Tie Down Straps

RRP $35.00 AUD PR3036

Super handy camlock tiedowns with 4.8 m long 25 mm webbing. Great for strapping down those longer or wider loads.

T-Bolt Adapter Kit

RRP $29.00 AUD PR3079

T-Bolt Adapter Kit

Alloy Tray Gas Bottle Holder

RRP $99.00 AUD PR3208

A safe and secure way to carry a 4 kg gas bottle on your tray or basket. Heavy duty parts, simple to fit and use.

Prorack Awning to Bar Attachment Hardware Kit

RRP $37.00 AUD PR3104

Get your roof rack awning-ready with this attachment kit. Quickly and easily install awning brackets onto your roof rack.

Light Bracket

RRP $30.00 AUD PR3076

Universal bracket to mount a work light or aerial to your Prorack Aero (S-Wing), Heavy Duty or Classic Trade (Tradesman) roof racks.

U-Bolt Roof Box Fitting Kit

RRP $55.00 AUD PR3090

Universal U-bolt kit. Use to mount roof boxes or anything that requires bolting around the bars to Aero (S-Wing) bars.

Camping Accessories FAQs

How much weight can I actually carry on top of my vehicle?

Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don't worry, it might seem confusing at first, but this helpful guide to calculating load ratings should help.

Prorack has changed! Tell me more?

The company that's always brought you simple, reliable, great value rack solutions now has a fresh, modern look. You're going to love it! Click here to learn more.

Can I fit a rooftop tent to my Prorack roof racks?

Maybe, but not all roof rack fitting types are suitable for rooftop tents. Click here to learn more.