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Prorack - The Ultimate Roof Racks

Other Prorack Roof Rack Systems

P Bar Roof Bar System - Great Value Solution

  • Low Cost
  • Fits Most Vehicles
  • Adaptable
Moreabout P-Bar
P-Bar Roof Bar System

Prorack HD Roof Bar System - Serious Trade Rack

  • Ultra Durable
  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Adaptable
More about Prorack HD
Whispbar HD Roof Bar System

Trade Bar - Super Heavy Duty

  • Ultra Durable
  • Super Heavy Duty
Moreabout Trade Bar
Tradesman Roof Bar System

Soft Roof Racks Universal Solution

  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost
  • Fits Most Vehicles
Moreabout Soft Roof Racks
Soft Roof Racks

Accessories for Your Lifestyle

  • Cycling
    Roof Rack and Roof Bars Accessories for Cycling, fit dedicated Cycling Accessories to your roof racks
  • Canoe & Kayak
    Roof Rack and Roof Bars Accessories for Canoes and Kayaks, fit dedicated Canoe and Kayak Accessories to your roof racks
  • Ski & Snowboard
    Roof Rack and Roof Bars Accessories for Skis and Snowboards, fit dedicated Skis and Snow Board Accessories to your roof racks
  • Fishing
    Roof Bars and Roof Rack Accessories for Fishing, fit dedicated accessories to your roof racks for fishing
  • Touring & Recreation

Why Prorack Roof Bars?

Good question, simple answer; if you're in the market for the ultimate roof bars look no further, you've found them.

No other bar comes even close to comparing with the features of Prorack S-Wing, check them out; locks come standard, universal t-slot loading system for all your accessories, unique Prorack Smartfoot technology ensures your chances of taking your rack from vehicle to vehicle increase dramatically, stunning good looks, two styles to choose from, up to 70% less wind drag than other roof racks, and of course, that insane silence… Prorack S-Wing is truly the world’s most beautiful, most adaptable and best behaved roof rack.

Roof racks are a great addition to any vehicle, particularly smaller vehicles as they increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle significantly. Extra space on the roof is secure with Prorack S-Wing as locks are standard issue on all Prorack S-Wing, P-bar and Prorack HD products.

The ultimate roof rack is no overnight sensation either; half a lifetime of roof bar design experience and years of aeronautical research were first applied to solve the roof rack noise problems faced by the motor companies. S-Wing now features on many new vehicle approved-accessory roof bar programs around the world. So why are the motor companies so excited about this product? Without a doubt it’s the silence of the crossbar. Precisely dimensioned, the exact shape of the S-Wing profile is critical to ensure there is no break-away frequency generated from the flow of wind around the bar. For the user, this shape means relaxation and peace on the road. For the automotive world this represents a revolution. As cars have got quieter and quieter the demands for quiet racks have increased. Less noise from the car makes the noise from the roof racks more noticeable. So no wonder the motor companies are breathing a collective sigh of relief, Prorack S-Wing is exactly what the doctor ordered!