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Replacement keys can be ordered in through any of our retailers using part number "KY" followed by the 3 digit barrel number. For example, bars with barrel 039 will require keys KY039.

We have a range of authorised dealers who offer fitment services. Please see our store locater to find a retailer in your area.

We offer a range of single bar options. The only bars that we do not offer single bar options for are the Standard "X series" bars.

We offer three bar options for selected vehicles. Check out our vehicle finder for availability.

We offer a range of replacement parts for our bars and accessories. Please take a look at the Spare Parts section of our Full Product Range catalogue to see if it is available.

Maybe, but not all roof rack fitting types are suitable for rooftop tents. Click here to learn more.

The company that's always brought you simple, reliable, great value rack solutions now has a fresh, modern look. You're going to love it! Click here to learn more.

Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don't worry, it might seem confusing at first, but this helpful guide to calculating load ratings should help.